National Project, International Partners

  • Introducing the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Mass-Transit System
  • A network of LRT and Metro lines
  • The largest infrastructure project in Israel
  • Designed to serve 500 thousand commuters daily

Tel Aviv
Metropolitan Area

Welcome to Tel Aviv, Israel’s financial and cultural center. The city is a world-renowned hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, combining a buzzing 24/7 cultural scene and a successful high-tech industry.

The Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area is home to four million people – nearly half of the population of Israel, and it is growing rapidly. By 2030 the population is expected to reach the five million mark.

But despite the dynamic lifestyle and thriving economy, the city suffers from heavy congestion and a lack of mass transit infrastructure. The Israeli Government is determined to change that as soon as possible.

With a stable credit rating of A+ the Israeli economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the OECD. Due to low interest rates in Israel and excellent government credit rating, financing costs remain low and attractive. The Israeli PPP market is highly liquid, with many banks and institutional investors participating, both as lead arrangers and as syndicate members.

The Network

On 2015 we began the construction of the Red Line – the first and main LRT line, scheduled to be operative by October 2021. The 24 km route runs through the densest area of the city of Tel Aviv, partly underground and partly at grade. This 4.6 billion USD project involves some of the leading rail companies from all over the world.

We are currently preparing for the construction of the next two LRT lines approved by the Israeli Government: The Green and Purple Lines.

NTA is also in the progress of design of the Brown LRT Line and a feasibility study for three additional Metro lines, to be designed next.

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